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69. Archetypes: Romance Narratives

69. Archetypes: Romance Narratives

This week Kelly and JJ (with surprise guest Beth Revis, New York Times bestselling author of the Across the Universe trilogy and Star Wars: Rebel Rising) continue their Summer of Archetypes series with ROMANCE NARRATIVES. If the conversation is a bit incoherent this week, it's because JJ is—once again—podcasting from the road (this time San Diego Comic-Con). Kelly and JJ discuss their favorite types of romances and whether or not romantic narratives fall into a Conflict-based narrative or an Evolution-based narrative. Also, lots of tangents this week, sorry!

Show Notes

  • Broadly speaking, there are two types of Romance Narratives: the Conflict Narrative and the Evolution Narrative

    • The Conflict Romance typically involves overcoming an obstacle: star-crossed lovers, unrequited love, etc. Typically the Conflict Romance involves some sort of external conflict, but not always.

    • The Evolution Romance features a story where the relationship between two people simple changes from one sort of relationship to a romantic one: friends-to-lovers, etc.

  • Of course, romances don't strict fall into one category or another; the Enemies to Lovers trope might have elements of the Evolution Romance (e.g. Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe)

What We're Working On

  • Kelly is currently in titling hell with a client manuscript

  • JJ is still working on her secret project

Books Discussed/What We're Reading

Off-Menu Recommendations

What You're Asking

For a nonfiction paperback biography about a deceased person is it necessary to have the family/estate's permission? Do publishers prefer it? —@PaprLstr8tr

We are not legal experts, so take our advice with a grain of salt.

First, listen to our Warranties and Indemnities episode for more information. Second, publishers will have their own forms that they will require you to have (and it is the author's responsibility to get permissions) so getting permissions before getting a book deal may or may not be necessary. HOWEVER. If you are looking to use images, recreate paintings or famous photographs, or otherwise use words and bits of speeches by said deceased person, permissions will have to be obtained from the estate.

What You're Saying

★★★★★ Best podcast for writers! —Alice1968

I found this podcast just under a year ago and it has taught me so much about writing and the publishing industry. JJ and Kelly have wonderful energy! I love the discussions they have about popular books and movies, and look forward to their recommendations segment. If you're looking for an entertaining, informative, and upbeat podcast about books and writing, look no further!

We think we have downer information, but at least convey it in a cheerful manner? 😅

That’s all for this week! Next week we’ll continue our Summer of Archetypes, continuing with Romance tropes! As always if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below, send us an ask on Tumblr, or tweet using the hashtag #askpubcrawl!

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