Oct 4, 2018 • 20M

Updates & Announcements!

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S. Jae-Jones
A publishing podcast about reading, writings, books, and occasionally booze.
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After seven months long unintended absence, JJ and Kelly are BACK! (Well, we will be shortly, at any rate). Tune in for some exciting announcements about the future of the Pub Crawl Podcast! PS. we've really, really missed you.

We are so thrilled to announce that the Pub Crawl Podcast is officially returning in the new year!

We have missed this project so much, and have put a lot of careful thought into bringing it back in a way that's sustainable for both of us. We will be dropping down to episodes every other week, as opposed to weekly. A reduced schedule will ensure that we can produce quality content in a sustainable way (meaning: no more unplanned hiatuses! We won't ghost you again, pinky promise).

We need your help!

The first episode of the PubCrawl Podcast dropped in 2015 and for the first three years was produced and edited entirely by co-host JJ, as a labor of love. But as the podcast has grown, it's become clear that we need to hire outside help in order to sustain this project that we care about so deeply. Hiring an editor to ease the technical burdens of making a podcast will allow us to focus on recording, and get back to releasing new episodes regularly without unplanned hiatuses. We have wanted to make the podcast more accessible for a long time, and that means getting real transcripts of our episodes--not just the quick-and-dirty summaries we post on the website. With your support, we'll be able to hire the talent we need to keep continue making and growing the PubCrawl podcast and website.

And for those reasons, we've created a Patreon!

We're so excited! Patrons at various levels of support will get access to things like exclusive content, like our patrons-only feed, a quarterly First Pages Critique Show, and book mail full of goodies from our Pub Crawl contributors!

Pub(lishing) Crawl is and always will be a labor of love and a free resource for readers and listeners, but if you are willing and able to contribute a small amount to the upkeep of the website and podcast, we would appreciate it!

Patreon isn't the only way to show your support. For all those of you who've listened, commented, rated and reviews, to those who've tweeted at us and put us on your recommended lists and cheered us on from the very beginning when we were just two friends with laptops and microphones and an awful lot of opinions--THANK YOU. You're the reason we do this. <3