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61. Wintersong

61. Wintersong

This week Kelly and JJ discuss Wintersong because JJ didn't have the brain space or the bandwidth to participate in a cogent discussion about writing or publishing. Also: SPOILERS. If you haven't read the book, you might want to give this episode a skip, or just skip to the very end, where we move on to our other usual sections. Spoilers start at 13:15 and end at 49:35.

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Two new reviews this week!

Explains publishing on a level with my agent ★★★★★ doo_e_jmm I'm a multi-published author who continues to find so much to learn in these podcasts! I especially appreciate the straight talk on the reality of finances for authors in today's publishing climate—practical and realistic, while not giving in to cynicism.


Exactly What I Was Looking For ★★★★★ Jaime Madeya I discovered this podcast about a week ago and have already listened to almost every episode. Kelly and JJ are both very smart and honest about the entire process of publishing. They manage to make me both cautious and optimistic about the industry at the same time. This is no small thing since I have a pretty large tendency to lean towards pessimism in all things. I feel much more informed and even confident after listening to the two of them talk and now feel like I can handle each and every step of this (occasionally daunting) journey once I decide to start querying.

There seems to be a theme this week, and the theme is apparently WE'RE NOT AS BIG OF A DOWNER AS WE THOUGHT WE WERE. We're very glad you find our chatter confident-making instead of soul-crushing.

What You're Asking

I just learned about sensitivity readers! I had no idea this existed. I am wondering if you could provide information on how one becomes a sensitivity reader? Thanks so much!

Justina Ireland runs a database of sensitivity readers at Writing in the Margins. If you're interested in becoming a sensitivity reader, we would suggest you reach out to her and request to be added to the database.

That's all for this week! Next week we promise we'll be back on form with AUTHOR LIFE, PUBLIC VS. PRIVATE. As always, if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments, or reach out to us on Twitter with the hashtag #askpubcrawl.

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