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51. Trans-Media Adaptations

51. Trans-Media Adaptations

This week Kelly and JJ conclude their series on adaptations with TRANS-MEDIA ADAPTATIONS. What does that mean? Er...anyway! Basically, we mean it as a catch-all for all adaptations that are not TV or film, such as graphic novels and theme parks (yes, theme parks).

Show Notes

  • Storytelling exists in many forms, not just books and movies. Trans-media adaptations include things like graphic novels, video games, and theme parks.

  • Graphic novels focus more on action due to the (static) image-based form.

  • Video games focus less on linear narrative and more on immersive action.

Books Discussed/What We're Reading

Off-Menu Recommendations

What You're Asking

So two questions: 1. JJ, can you talk a little about what it’s like to publish (and work in the publishing industry) as a POC? I always hear about how the publishing world is overwhelmingly white, so I’d love to hear your take on this.

2. Also JJ, any plans to offer ARCs of Wintersong to podcast listeners? Pretty please?? —Nadia

It is absolutely true that publishing is overwhelmingly white. There are a number of factors for this: the barrier for entry is inordinately expensive. A college degree, an unpaid internship, living in one of the most expensive cities in the world—all of these are structural barriers for marginalized groups, particularly people of color. HOWEVER. If you are able to overcome this barrier to entry, it's STILL hard to make it in publishing, regardless of whether or not you are a person of color. Publishing is often governed by forces both subjective and out of control. The best way to go about this is to be true to yourself: your voice, your taste, and what you like.

As for ARCs of Wintersong...JJ can ask!

Hi, I am currently a Fashion Assistant at a NYC department store and would love to transition into copyediting and publishing for the fashion and design industries. I've been investigating CPC and NYU's pub course and think either would be a perfect place for me to get into publishing since I don't have a background in publishing or any chance at an internship. (I am not a recent grad - got my BA in 2003 and my MA in Architectural Preservation in 2013. Question is : are these programs only for recent grads or do they also accommodate career transitioners. Also, what kinds of jobs do the graduates go into? Do they do any editorial work or do they work strictly on the business side of publishing? —Michelle

JJ wrote a post about breaking into the publishing industry here, and PubCrawl alumna Alex Bracken wrote about summer publishing courses here. However, this information is more focused on book publishing, and if you're interested in working on the publishing side of fashion (like magazines and catalogs), there are plenty of copywriting and copyediting jobs available at websites for fashion magazines. You can also pitch freelance articles (again, most websites should have a submissions section) to build up your resume. You can make a career change at any point in your life; you just have to be resourceful and persistent. Good luck!

What You're Saying

Simply, I love this podcast ★★★★★ vannieleigh I could babble all over this blank space about how much I love it, but I'll simplify— JJ and Kelly are great and relatable hosts with so much handy info to share. If you're an aspiring writer who doesn't know as much as you'd like to about publishing and writing craft, this is a must-listen. It has a comfortable vibe that makes you almost too cozy and delusional in thinking that you're all besties getting writer-girl-wasted. Love it. You need it in your life. (side note: reposting this because I *GASP* noticed a grammatical error and have clumsy phone fingers. Adding a star because there was supposed to be five all along. I am a barbarian.)

Thank you so much Vannie Leigh! Also "writer-girl-wasted" is one of the greatest phrases ever and our new tagline, so thank you!

That's all for this week! Next week we're returning to our Writing Mechanics series with PACING. As always, if you have any questions, leave us a comment!

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